Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As strange as it may sound, I've only just discovered Scoop.it! thanks to Carol Koechlin and David Loertscher and their great webinar on Virtual Learning Commons (VLCs). Scoop.it! has become one of my favorite sites at this point, as an app for finding and disseminating information about the changing face of librarianship.

“Libraries aren’t a place to be silent anymore,” says Mary Beth Wiseman, Director of Technology for Elizabeth Forward School District. “They’re a place to get together and share ideas.”


Just found this article on Scoop.it! The quote above shows my ideas about libraries and the future of education as relates to media centers and technology - hence the name of the blog. Libraries are active, not necessarily loud, but not quiet spaces that should be being used as technology and learning centers.

For many years the library was in the physical center of the school. With the coming of Common Core, libraries should also now be the virtual center of the school as well. For as long as there is information, there will be a need for librarians to catalog, store, and sort information. There will also be a need for teaching students how to access, use, and retrieve valid and timely information.

Teaching students only about their positive digital footprint is not enough. We are charged to educate students not only in responsible use but in how to glean the wheat from the chaff, to use a slightly tired phrase. We are challenged to meet the needs of students whose learning is different from our own experiences. Shouldn't we meet them there?

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  1. Should we? Yes. Can we? Maybe, but it will take a collaborative effort between teachers and librarians. Great blog.... :)