Thursday, September 4, 2014

Started again, already

As usual, we've started the school year off with a bang. I'd love to say that everyone was enthusiastic about the beginning but I know that I would be mistaken. Even as bleak as the situation seems right now, I remain an ardent supporter of public education and believe that it is the worlds greatest equalizer. Each year, I look back at what I have accomplished, or not accomplished, over the preceding 12 months. I find, usually, that I have not met my own expectations, even if I have met the expectations of others for me.

I have to wonder, if just sometimes, I'm a little hard on myself. In my accomplishments, I achieved a great deal; in my mind, however, not so much. As teachers we are taught to reflect and to redirect and be flexible in our thinking and teaching. I believe that flexibility is only way to remain positive. If you are willing to try, willing to take the chance, you may find wonderful!

When you need it most, someone or something makes you remember why you work so hard, why you care so much, why, in the end, it's all worth it. To the many people who have made my day and reminded me why I DO love my job, I DO want to help students learn, I AM committed to public education, and why I sometimes cry, tears of joy, sorrow, frustration, elation I want to thank you, and I mean REALLY THANK YOU! You never know how soon, it will be too late to do something nice for someone. It's so true.

Now, I challenge all of you who read my blog (yeah, I know, all two of you) to Pay it Forward. And, I don't mean this in a cliched way, do something nice, something small for someone else tomorrow. Not only will they feel better, but so will you.

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